Announcing your Colchester Alumni Team Sponsored by DEW Corporation

DEW is the sponsor for the Colchester Alumni team.  Colchester is back this year lead by captain Mark Miller, who played with Stefan on Far Post.

Your Colchester roster is: Abe Pasic, Adnan Pasic, Alaga Saric, Ben Seaman, Brett Nelson, Chris Zammaripa, Colin Burns, Colin Turner, Dustin Whitcomb, Jasmin Nukic, Jesus Calderon, Keegan Mitchell, Liam Mooney, Mark Miller, Matt Brien, Matt Goudie, Matt McBride, Tommy Yasewicz, Tucker Jean, and Ty Pratt.

Come join in the fun and festivities as Colchester first battles South Burlington at 5:30 on Saturday, July 14 at UVM.  Great soccer, great food, and all for a great cause!

DEW Construction is experienced people, quietly building excellence.  They have been in operation since 1997 and continue to grow, because of their focus on customer, project leadership and execution.  Understanding your needs, precise planning, collaborating closely, and finishing strong is their game plan. We appreciate their community giveback to our foundation.

Bernadette Pierson
Bernadette Pierson
Bernadette is Stefan’s mom and also the mother to three other children. She works at IBM creating Intellectual Property strategies for IBM’s businesses. Bernadette has program management skills and currently manages the corporate- wide Innovation Council for IBM. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, house projects, knitting, cooking, and spending time on the water. She wishes she had more time to travel and in the future she hopes to be the owner of a puppy who will keep her cat company.