Announcing the Burlington High School Alumni Team Sponsored by Earthy Cars

Earthy Cars is the sponsor for the Burlington High School Alumni team for our 3rd Annual Stefan Pierson Memorial Soccer tournament.  Burlington High School won the alumni tourney the first year, but failed to hold their title last year as they were defeated by MMU.

They are back this year with a solid roster:   Athanas Okuka, Awil Hussein, Bienfait Badibanga, Drame Diatourou, Ekrem Hadzic, Esmir Hadzic, Fidele Rutayisire, Hamza Muse, Henry Sheeser, Hertier Badibanga, Jonas Lobe, Matthew Burbo, Niels Arentzen, Peter Makuni (captain), Ramzi Kori, Rida Kori, Seraphin Iradukunda, Sharif Muse, Vandamme Ndisenga, and Yuol Herjok.

Come watch your former Burlington High School players as they battle for bragging rights July 14 at the UVM Athletic Complex.

Earthy Cars is a pre-owned car dealership of the greater Burlington, VT area. They also do car repairs, inspections, and oil changes. Next time you need a car or just a car repair, consider Earthy Cars and let them know how you appreciate their giveback to the community.


Bernadette Pierson
Bernadette Pierson
Bernadette is Stefan’s mom and also the mother to three other children. She works at IBM creating Intellectual Property strategies for IBM’s businesses. Bernadette has program management skills and currently manages the corporate- wide Innovation Council for IBM. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, house projects, knitting, cooking, and spending time on the water. She wishes she had more time to travel and in the future she hopes to be the owner of a puppy who will keep her cat company.