Friends of Our Foundation: Todd, Jake, Jim and Moon

There is a lot work and effort that goes into making our events successful and a much of that is behind the scenes. This year we would like to recognize four “Friends of Our Foundation.” These individuals have really contributed to helping our make our soccer tournament a success over the past two years. Many thanks from our foundation for their contributions.

Todd Kingsbury – not only does Todd Kingsbury and the Far Post Soccer Club provide all the balls, flags, cones, and pennys for the tournament, but Todd has also rounded up teams for our tournaments, especially in the younger brackets.

Jake Orr – Jake has organized our Essex alumni team for both years as well as several teams for our U14/16 boys and our Adult Competitive brackets. He is truly an ambassador to the Essex community and beyond by spreading the word about our mission and getting folks excited for our tournament. He is also an exemplary organizer for the alumni team!

Jim LeClair – Jim built all the lovely benches for the players on all the fields. Jim obtained all the materials from a relative and built the benches for our inaugural tournament. When our tournament grew this year, Jim built more benches! I am sure the players have many thanks for Jim as well.

David (Moon) Martin – Moon organized all the referees for our 2016 tournament as well as this year’s tournament. This is no small feat as all of the referees are volunteering their time to our foundation. He organized and called, along with Alex Abrami and Austin Danforth, the play-by-play and color commentary for the alumni championship game. We are fortunate that Moon is so well known and so well loved!

We recognize and appreciate each one of their efforts and we hope that you do as well. A big round of applause!