SBHS Alumni Sponsor and Roster Announced

Vermont Tent Company is the sponsor for the 2017 SBHS Alumni team. The roster is listed below. Come watch your former South Burlington soccer stars battle with other alumni teams for bragging rights. No admission fee.

2:55 – 4:10 Essex vs CVU

4:10 – 5:25 MMU vs SBHS

5:30 – 6:45 Colchester vs Burlington

7:20 – 8:35 Consolation games (Ranks 3 vs 4 and 5 vs 6)m

8:40 – 9:55 Final (Ranks 1 vs 2)

SBHS Roster: Ben Lambert, Ben Sievers, Boni Gregoire, David Mercier, Eric Davidson, Henry Mercier, Josh Coon, Justin King, Kyle Chu, Luke LeClair, Mike Knight, Patrick O’Hara, Rob Cole, Tanner Choiniere, Will Graham, and Willy Champagne

Join in the community challenge and show your support for South Burlington. See which community can donate more to the Conquer the Day – the Stefan Pierson Foundation. Click here to keep the SBHS bar on top! Join in with others to make it a fun day on the pitch and a day that will help make young adult Vermonters battling cancer smile. Thank you.

Bernadette Pierson
Bernadette Pierson
Bernadette is Stefan’s mom and also the mother to three other children. She works at IBM creating Intellectual Property strategies for IBM’s businesses. Bernadette has program management skills and currently manages the corporate- wide Innovation Council for IBM. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, house projects, knitting, cooking, and spending time on the water. She wishes she had more time to travel and in the future she hopes to be the owner of a puppy who will keep her cat company.