US Men’s Soccer team plays tonight in the Copa America Tournament vs. #1 ranked Argentina (9PM EST)

This is a special game on US turf for our US Men’s Team.  Please watch and cheer them on!

Connections to The 2016 Stefan Memorial Soccer Tournament:

1. We are excited that US Soccer is helping The 2016 Stefan Memorial Soccer Tournament with donations of US Soccer items/memorabilia for our fund-raising. This is fantastic support for the Vermont soccer community!
2. Stefan was able to meet Coach Jurgen Klinsmann and the US Men’s Team after the 2014 World Cup, while he was battling cancer.  It was a highlight of his life.

After the game tonight, please consider gathering a team of your friends, or your kid’s friends and enter your team in the 2016 Stefan Pierson Memorial Soccer Tournament.
Your team can win some fantastic prizes, while helping a great cause. Proceeds support young adult cancer patients (age 18 – 25) at The University of Vermont Medical Center, where Stefan was treated.

Information about the Soccer Tournament can be found here.

Register your team here.

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