Touching Tribute to Stefan Pierson by Folsom Boys Soccer Team

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On the day of Stefan’s Life Celebration, the Folsom Boys Soccer team dedicated their game to Stefan, a former Folsom soccer player.  The team all wore the number “8 ” on their hands, a number that Stefan wore for 4 years as a soccer player for South Burlington High School varsity soccer.  Stefan and his buddies spent many hours on the soccer fields at Folsom, playing school soccer games against local schools, playing pick up games with friends, playing with classmates during recess,  or just kicking the soccer ball around when there was not enough players for a game.

Stefan always had very fond memories of the Folsom soccer fields.  He often talked about his many coaches with their varied style of coaching, each of them impacting Stefan in some way.  It seems as if Stefan learned as much about life as he did about playing soccer from his many hours on the field; the strong players and the inexperienced players, the quiet coaches and the ones that could be heard the entire game, the smiles from a game won and the disappointed faces from a tough defeat, always gave Stefan a different perspective.  It was these perspectives that helped shape Stefan into the person that so many appreciated and loved.

Folsom Boys Soccer team


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